about us

RODECO Group is leader in Europe on consulting services for Pavement Evaluation, Preservation and Management Systems for roads networks and airports.

  • Heavy Falling Weight Deflectometer (HFWD) to evaluate from deflections data the bearing capacity of roads and airport pavement;
  • Laser Profilometers to detect longitudinal and transversal pavements profiles;
  • GRIP TESTER, to measure pavement skid resistance;
  • Surface distress analysis, using SURVEY and VIDEO CAR SYSTEM;
  • GPR RADAR SYSTEM :for analysis of layers thickness, localization of pipes and cable by continuous monitoring of pavement stratigraphy;
  • ADE (Automated Distress Evaluation): use of laser scanner technology for the accurate surface distress evaluation, developed by RODECO;
  • Evaluation of Global Road Asset using Video-Car + DGPS survey to detect and measuring all elements of the roads (horizontal and vertical signs, geometric road data) and implementation of the filed data into a digital road map throughout geographic absolute coordinates.