Company Profile

RODECO Group is leader in Europe on consulting services for Pavement Evaluation, Preservation and Management Systems for road networks and airports.

Since 1983 RODECO Group is involved in Pavement Evaluation and Management Systems using the most up to date, non-destructive equipments available in the world, such as:

  • Heavy Falling Weight Deflectometer (HWD) to evaluate from deflections data the bearing capacity of roads and airport pavements;
  • Laser Profilometers to detect longitudinal and transversal pavements profiles;
  • GRIP TESTER, to measure pavement skid resistance;
  • Surface distress analysis, using VIDEO CAR SYSTEM ;
  • GPR RADAR SYSTEM for analysis of layers thickness, localization of pipes and cable by continuous monitoring of pavement stratigraphy;
  • ADE (Automated Distress Evaluation): use of laser scanner technology for the accurate surface distress evaluation, developed by RODECO;
  • Evaluation of Global Road Asset using Video-Car + DGPS survey to detect and measuring all elements of the roads (horizontal and vertical signs, geometric road data) and implementation of the filed data into a digital road map throughout geographic absolute coordinates.

The RO.MA. PMS (Road Management Pavement Management System), developed by RODECO for roads and airports, is one of the most advanced Pavement Management System to assist the user in making consistent and cost effective decisions on pavement maintenance and rehabilitation.

RODECO is proud of its 30 years of experiences in PMS in Italy and worldwide.





Laser Profilometers

Evaluation of Global Road Asset

Moreover RODECO Group is specialized for the Airport Pavement Preservation and Preventive Maintenance.

RODECO has developed new innovative technology for the Preservation and Preventive Maintenance of Road and Airport pavements.

RODECO Nuphalt – Pavement Permanent Repair by hot recycling

 Nuphalt allow you to make patches of the size of approximately 2 sqm (approx 2 m x 1  m), by means of a heating process of 4 – 5 cm depth of the pavement to a temperature of 160° – 180° C, through a system of burners with thermostat. The pavement is compacted after a regeneration process and can be opened to traffic within a few minutes.

The Nu-Phalt System to offer a complete solution to mobile road repairs. The NuPhalt’s thermal road repair system makes fast, flexible and long lasting seamless road surface repairs in whichever sector it’s used.

REGEPHALT – Pavement surface rejuvenating process

Regephalt is a low cost rejuvenating preventive maintenance measures. This surface treatment has been proved to extend the pavement life for a significant number of years.

RODECO PATCHER – Preventive and curative maintenance on road pavement

Potholes, utility cuts and patches, surface distresses and settlements repairing on road pavements by filling with a mix of grits and bitumen emulsion.