Relay™ – Surface Treatment on concrete slabs


RELAY™ is a polymer formulated to be mixed with water, cement and sand, for resurfacing a wide variety of surfaces. RELAY™ mixture becomes a highly mobile, thin-bond resurfacer that is easily workable, with controlled sag and flow characteristics.

RELAY™ mixture is a primerless system that will adhere to virtually all types of substrates to produce a new, waterproof, bondable surface com-patible with all types of coatings and adhesives. It will feather to a “zero edge” without losing strength, flex-ibility or adhesion. A normal 2- coat application is approximately 0.5 mm thick.


Surface Preparation. RELAY™ mix-ture will adhere to virtually everything, but its ultimate bond-strength can only be as strong as the bond and the strength of the materials it is applied over. Surface should be clean, dry, and free of loose debris.

RELAY™ mixture forms a wearing surface that is strong, durable, and abrasion resistant. The new surface will withstand all kinds of weather conditions including freeze-thaw. Materials that are soft, flaky, dusty or chalky, or that have low internal strength, should be removed. Glossy surfaces should be roughened by sanding or grinding.

Mixing. RELAY™ is mixed with any of the Portland cements and sand. Other cements may be used for quicker dry-ing, higher chemical and heat resis-tance, and drying in low temperatures. 90-grit sand is recommended for nor-mal resurfacing projects. Smaller grits may be used for smoother surfaces. Larger grits will further increase skid resistance and surface texture.

Overlaying. Spreading of the RELAY™ mixture on horizontal surfaces is easily accomplished with squeegees, al-though it readily lends itself to trowel-ing. Troweling is recommended for tight spots, vertical and overhead surfaces.

Patching & Deep Fills. Deep cracks, non-moving joints, pits and potholes can be repaired during surface prep with RELAY™ mixture. A thicker mix-ture works best; simply add equal parts of cement and sand.

Examples of our national & international application of RELAY™ are reported in the pictures below.

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