Pavement preservation represents a preventive approach in maintaining existing airport and road pavements. It consists of periodic application of relatively inexpensive pavement treatments to an existing pavement system in order to delay further deterioration and improve the functional condition of the system. Preventive maintenance has been recognized as a powerful tool to be used by agencies, along with restoration, rehabilitation and reconstruction.

The intended use of an asphalt rejuvenator is to keep pavements in good condition. When evaluating pavement preservation treatments it is appropriate to think in terms of extended life rather than design life.

This type of maintenance allows:

  • To increase the durability of the asphalt in the top portion of the pavement by improving the chemical composition of the asphalt concrete;

  • To increase the penetration value of the asphalt binder in the top portion of the pavement (3-5 cm) which extends the pavement’s lifecycle;

  • To seal the pavement against intrusion of air and water, thereby reducing the aging process and oxidation, preventing stripping and raveling;

  • The waterproof and improve pavement performance.


RODECO Regephalt is a water-diluted special emulsion, that penetrates into the entire depth of the surface, where it restores the original chemical properties of the asphalt mixture and returns the lost elasticity to the pavement that with result more resistant to degradation, sealed against the water penetration and restored with new surface.

Advisable uses are on:

  • old pavements still in fair conditions (RODECO Regephalt significantly delays the cracking and avoids the aggregate ravelling, returns the elastic properties to the surface and extends its life);

  • inadequately compacted surfaces during asphalt paving.

RODECO Regephalt is a rejuvenator which has been successfully used on road and airport pavements. It contains selected special fractions in chemical balance that penetrate the surface of the asphalt pavement rebalancing the chemistry of the oxidized asphalt. It improves the durability of the pavement near the surface where the deterioration begins. Pavements in good profile but exhibiting signs of aging – hairline cracking, ravelling and pitting – will benefit from a RODECO Regephalt application. RODECO Regephalt also tightens new asphalt pavements that are open due to poor compaction and seals the surface. Applied as part of a routine PMS program, RODECO Regephalt can extend pavement life significantly.

RODECO Regephalt is a petroleum oil and water cationic emulsion. Unlike standard asphalt emulsion, RODECO Regephalt does not harden or “dry out”. Designed as a one component emulsion that effectively repairs cracks in concentrated form, RODECO Regephalt provides an excellent pavement restorative seal when applied in diluted form.


RODECO Regephalt cures between 30 minutes and two hour after application with ambient temperatures of 10 °C. (60 °F.) and rising. The work can be completed in few hours and the pavement can be opened to the aircraft traffic four hours after the application.

The RODECO Regephalt treatment is performed rapidly, with a normal distribution machine emulsion, after suitably dosed the right quantity of material (0.4 – 0.5 l/m2). This type of maintenance, whether ordinary or extraordinary, will be considered as both a preventive and a curative treatment.